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With real estate being one of the highest expense items on corporate balance sheets particularly in this ever changing world, investors, companies and government departments need advice and solutions from trusted experts with a unique blend of international and local knowledge that will help drive down costs, lower risks and improve financial performance and customer satisfaction.

We understand these challenges and have the strategic and intellectual levers to make this happen.

Property Databank Ltd (PDB) is the Ghana arm of Property Databank (PDB) UK Ltd, a company formed in the UK to offer a complete suite of real estate managed and consulting services ranging from services pertaining to single properties to large portfolios to corporations, government, investors, and properties. As well, we provide high speed and secure computerized land records management systems and services to governments and corporations across the developing world.

Our team of UK qualified real estate and business management professionals with substantial sector knowledge have been actively involved in real estate and management advisory and research with multi-lateral institutions such as the World Bank, European Union, USAID, DFID and many land related government departments across Africa for over 20 years.

We have in the process developed extensive and diverse real estate consulting experience. We have a thorough grasp of international trends, changing technology and the on real estate performances and land records management. We are well positioned to offer international standard real estate investment, financing, feasibility appraisal and management services.

Our strategic partnership with highly reputable international land records management technology companies makes us a cut above the rest in evaluating and implementing comprehensive computerized solutions to land records management and related services.

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