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A successful real estate strategy goes beyond finding space. our professionals uncover opportunities for your business to reduce real estate risk, save costs,save energy, improve productivity, ensure safety and set the foundation for continued success.


Investing in volatile markets can be highly beneficial. However, it can also be very risky. The clever investor often looks to invest at a time many others would not. What's critical, is high quality advice on the state of the market, which is what we provide,alongside a detailed analysis of the viability of the investment.

Investing in volatile markets can be highly beneficial. However, it can also be very risky. The clever investor often looks to invest at a time many others would not. What's critical, is high quality advice on the state of the market, which is what we provide,alongside a detailed analysis of the viability of the investment.


Our team of experts are excited about the burst of innovative technology emerging in the Real Estate Industry. In the 21st century where technology is at its peak, several companies are already competing for dominance in this category, most offering software that helps property owners and management companies oversees and easily track Commercial Real Estate Assets.

PDB leverages on the diverse experience of its staff from various industries to bring about innovation.

Opportunities for innovation using technology abound across the Real Estate Industry. The Real Estate Industry is vast and we've only just begun to scratch the surface when it comes to opportunity for technology-enabled innovation. Given the dollar's at risk and the proportion of the broader economy that Real Estate represents, there is every reason to believe the category will produce multiple 'unicorns' worth billions in enterprise value. The past two years have been the most exciting yet for Real Estate Tech and I can't wait to see what the next few will bring.

We are committed to providing our clients with the very best of innovative products and capital, betting on technological evolutions that will make the lives of our clients easier and better.


Our team of expert valuers have international experience in a wide range of industrial machines, trucks and vehicles. We operate throughout Ghana and have experience in providing valuations and disposing of assets from most business sectors. Upon request we can prepare the assets, carry out detailed descriptions for lotting purposes, photographs and market the online auction in relevant publications both through magazine and web-based media. We can help you sell your equipment with ease.
Accountant's try to assess the market value of thier assets, which most often is not a true refelction of the market. We have specialised in accouting valuation to help companies and finance accountants get accurate records for all their assets; landed properties, plant and machinery.

Our experts have extensive knowledge of statutory legislation and valuation requirements for compulsory acquisition and compensation purposes in accordance with the 1992 Constitution of Ghana.Property Databank provides valuation advice for purposes including acquisitions for roads, transmission line easements, pipelines, rail corridors or public infrastructure such as power stations, sewerage and water treatment plants.

For compensation cases, an in-depth knowledge of the legislation is paramount to enable the Valuer arrive at the compensation sum. Our team of valuers have comprehensive understanding of the State Lands Act (1962) Act 125, Lands Statutory Way leaves Act (1963) Act 186 and Administration of Lands Act (1962) Act 123 which serve as the legal basis for compensation valuation.

Most firms execute insurance valuation for clients, but we go a step further to assist in selecting a credible Insurance company as well as negotiating on your behalf on the premium payable. Our experienced team of Architects, Quantity Surveyors, Electrical & Civil Engineers are ever ready to assist with Insurance Valuation when it comes to multi storey buildings.
Mortgage valuations can give you a rough idea of whether you are paying too much (or tool little!) for a property. However, as a type of property survey, it is very limited in scope and is only likely to uncover obvious, visible defects as part of a brief inspection. A full structural survey can give protection by alerting you to potential problems before you buy. The result of an in-depth survey could lead you to back out of an unwise purchase, or give you the bargaining power to go in with a lower offer. Many of us do not opt for a more in-depth survey but rather rely on the mortgage valuation provided by the financial institution. The mortgage valuation is for the benefit of the mortgage lender. It is designed to give enough information for the lender to decide whether the property is safe to lend on, and up to what amount. Though you may pay for the report, you may not get a copy or even see the content of the report.
Why is it so important to retain a professional valuation proir to engaging in purchase of sale negotiations? Because knowledge is power. Without having a baseline understanding of value, you enter negotiations at a distinct disadvantage. We help individuals & corporate groups know the market value of the property they intend buying or selling


When you have a solid team behind you, purchases or sales tends to be easier. Our expert team of consultants will help you cut down cost on land registration and transfer of ownership. Our consultants have in depth knowledge about land administration in Ghana and the internal land documentation processes at the lands commission
We represent our client's at all meetings and negotiations. We make sure our client's interest is secured and their expations are met.
We facilitate sale, rental and purchase transantions for all property types; house, townhouse, office space, industrail buildings etc. We advice cleints on cost of transfer and all the processes involved from statutory payments, drafting of deeds, stamp duty other taxes.


One of our operating models comprises a core set of property management capabilities and supporting services that work in sync to deliver high quality, customer-focused services in every property under PDB’s management. Our aim is to provide tailored property management services relevant to the different segments we serve, such as commercial, residential and industrial properties. Some of the core services range from brokerage, tenant screening, letting, sale, operational and maintenance service of buildings, facilities, parking and landscapes. our integrated digital approach is to provide corporate-wide location intelligence solution that provides enhanced spatial information to facility management. our solution integrates information from databases that have a location element, including property and asset management. our corporate-wide solution enables us to effectively disseminate and manage data throughout multiple departments, creating workforce efficiencies through timesaving and near real-time information sharing processes.
We also do management of multi family units. We provide debt collection services, tenant sourcing and screening. We make sure that periodic detailed reports are sent to owners.