Property Databank Valuation Services

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Get a fast, reliable, and accurate valuation advice from our licensed professionals for even the simplest and most complex asset. Our valuations are fast and high quality owing to our advanced data science, specialist knowledge of the real estate market.


  •  Our intensive quality control and compliance measures reduce our clients’ risk and ensure quality valuation advice;


  • Leverage comprehensive data and analytics empower our clients businesses with valuable insights to help boost efficiency and performance.


  • We offer a high-end, personal-touch service model featuring dedicated account and escalations management teams. Each client is assigned an account manager and an escalation manager to which concerns can be referred.

Our services help our clients make quick and accurate decisions whether is about purchasing, selling, investing in, developing or approving asset backed loans.

  • Our industry leading turnaround times are a result of our relentless focus on speeding up our clients decision making processes so they can speed ahead;
  • We have innovatively cut out wasted times in the valuation cycle to achieve an industry leading turnaround time for the benefit of our clients.
  • We endeavor to be accurate in our valuation advice because of our commitment to stay true to our obligation to ensure that our clients make correct decisions at all time to save them money and help them avoid risks;
    Help our clients decide quickly and correctly;
    Our completion rates consistently outpace industry average, helping our clients accelerate their decision-making processes.

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