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2019-12-10 16:09:06


  • Property asset management (PAM) also termed Commercial Real Estate Management refers to the professional operations of buildings as a business venture to maximise the net incomes they produce for the landlord whilst keeping it legal compliant, clean, appealing, safe and secure. Property is considered an investment asset comparable to shares and bonds and hence capable of generating income for the landlord as an investor.
  • Corporate Real Estate Management takes such the properties occupied by business as strategic resources that if carefully organized and leverage could contribute to their business profit or revenue surpluses through enhancement of employee productivity, customer satisfaction, brand  value, cost minimization, corporate culture, congeniality, employee health, healthy employee interactions and so forth.

Conventionally, businesses consider the properties they occupy as necessary evils- unavoidable costs to their operations. The focus has thus been on ways of minimizing the associated costs.

Through proven strategies, PDB helps businesses leverage the properties they occupy as a strategic resource with significant economic and social benefits.

Through our approaches, businesses are able to recognise their use of space through technology innovations to improve:

  • Employee productivity
  • Business profit
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Employee relations
  • Employee health
  • Corporate brand value
  • Cost minimisation
  • Busines recapitalisation
  • Business future growth
  • Business competitiveness


  • Land Administration refers to the protection, subdivision, development, monetization and protection of raw land

PDB is a professional property management firm specializing in business premises, offices, retail and multifamily residential blocks management. We help our clients

  • Determine appropriate rent charges
  • Prepare vacant units
  • Advertise rental vacancies
  • Screen and approve tenants
  • Process move ins
  • Prepare and enforce a lease agreement
  • Handle tenant complaints
  • Keep records
  • Handle evictions


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  • Phone Number

  • +233 302909406

  • 15 Mayor Road,

  • West Ridge-Accra, Ghana