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Looking To Buy Land or Buildings in Ghana? Follow This Four-Step Process

November 02, 2023  /
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Looking to buy land or buildings in Ghana? Follow the four step process below:

  1. Search and Verification: It is recommended that potential purchasers perform a search at the Lands Commission in order to authenticate the ownership and current standing of the property. 
  2. Offer and Acceptance: Buyers and sellers engage in negotiations to reach a mutual agreement regarding the transaction details, such as the purchase price, payment terms, and any specific conditions, before finalizing a sale agreement.
  3. Documentation: The sale agreement is to be formally written down and duly signed by both parties involved. It holds utmost significance to seek the assistance of a qualified lawyer in order to guarantee the precise representation of the parties' intentions and safeguard their respective interests.
  4. Registration: Once the transaction is finalized, the buyer is required to duly register the property at the Lands Commission in order to establish their lawful ownership rights.                                                                    ....Always seek guidance from qualified professionals.


By, Prof. Felix Hammond

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    Jun 25, 2021

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