About Land Administration

PDB is a premier professional firm specializing in land and real estate consulting and advisory services, primarily concentrating on the modernization of land administration systems and digital transformation. In common with numerous African countries, Ghana's land administration system is infamous for its heavy reliance on paperwork, outdated maps, insecurity of land records, protracted procedures, and limited transparency. The primary objective of establishing PDB is to accelerate the thorough modernization of land administration systems, specifically in Ghana, and subsequently extend these advancements to other African economies.

This was to be effectively achieved through the utilization of state-of-the-art technology, thus replacing the obsolete manual approaches. The PDB team has developed into a well-respected group of committed international technical partners and professionals. Leveraging our vast expertise in the constantly evolving and intricate realm of land administration modernization, we have earned recognition for our proficiency. With our combined knowledge and experience, PDB is capable of delivering comprehensive land administration transformation services, tailor-made to meet the varied needs and demands of our diverse clients. Our enterprise land administration software, known as MODLAPS (modernized land administration processing system), is an exemplary solution in the industry. It boasts cutting-edge features and incorporates various modules for valuation, public land administration, spatial planning, surveying, land registry, systematic titling, and document management. It has been modernized to deliver top-notch performance and efficiency in managing land administration processes.

PDB's commitment to excellence, professionalism and integrity and its ability to adapt to the unique challenges presented by different regions allows it to consistently deliver high-quality services that meet the expectations of clients worldwide. Furthermore, the consortium's dedication to innovation and continuous improvement ensures that it remains at the forefront of advancements in land administration practices, enabling it to provide cutting-edge solutions that effectively address the evolving needs of the industry.

PDB not only specializes in providing land administration services, but also offers outsourcing solutions to clients seeking to maximize their operational efficiency. Through collaboration with our consortium, clients gain access to a comprehensive array of outsourcing options, such as data management, technology support, and project management. These services uphold the same level of professionalism and expertise that PDB is renowned for. Rest assured, our highly acclaimed standards of professionalism and expertise are consistently upheld while delivering these services.

In summary, the Land Administration Department at PDB is a reliable and dedicated team that leverages its vast expertise to provide top-notch land-related services, contributing significantly to the overall success and reputation of our esteemed real estate company in Ghana.

Land Administration


Land Information Management System (LIMS)

We offer a comprehensive LIMS that enables efficient management, integration, and analysis of land-related data.

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Cadastre and Land Registry Solutions

Our advanced cadastre and land registry solutions automate cadastral mapping, land registration, and title management processes.

Land Use Planning and Zoning

PDB’s Land Administration Modernization Services assists governments and organizations in formulating land use plans and zoning regulations.

Property Valuation and Assessment

Our team of skilled professionals provides property valuation and assessment services utilizing innovative techniques

Land Data Integration

PDB specializes in integrating diverse land-related datasets from various sources into a unified database.

Land Management Consulting

We offer consultancy services to governments and organizations seeking guidance in land management policies, procedures, and strategies.

Technological Advancements

At PDB we are at the forefront of technological advancements in land administration.

Spatial Analysis and Visualization

We leverage Geographic Information System (GIS) technologies to provide powerful spatial analysis and visualization tools.

Land Governance and Policy Support

Our consultancy services offer expert advice on land governance reforms, policy development, and institutional capacity building.

Training and Technical Support

We provide comprehensive training programs and ongoing technical support to ensure successful implementation and adoption of our solutions.

Our Team

We provide full service at every step.

Mr. Samuel Wekem

Head of Land Services

Mr. Prince Boateng

Land Services Officer