About Valuation & Advisory

The Valuation and Advisory Department at (PDB) is a highly specialized and integral division within our real estate company. As a trusted and licensed firm of the Ghana Institute of Surveyors (GhIS), this department plays a critical role in providing comprehensive and accurate property valuations and strategic advisory services to our esteemed clients. Our team of skilled and experienced professionals in this department possesses a deep understanding of the Ghanaian real estate market, as well as extensive expertise in valuation methodologies and industry best practices. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and market intelligence, we offer precise and reliable property valuations that serve as the foundation for informed decision-making and investment strategies.

At PDB's Valuation and Advisory Department, we prioritize transparency, professionalism, speed of delievery, and client satisfaction. We adhere rigorously to internationally recognized standards, including the International Valuation Standards (IVS), ensuring that our clients receive services of the highest quality while minimizing risks in their real estate endeavors



Valuation For Secured Bank Lending Purposes

We advise banks and lending institutions on the maximum loan amount that a given asset can secure

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Valuation for Financial Reporting

We advise on the value of the total property, plant and equipment of companies in compliance with the international financial reporting standards.

Valuation of Public Sector Assets

We advise on the value of assets of the public sector agencies for public sector accounting purposes.

Valuation Of Plant And Equipment

We advise on the value of plants and equipment in line with the International Valuation Standards

Compensation Valuation

We represent and determine the compensation payable to persons and firms whose properties have been compulsorily acquired by the State.

Valuation For Insurance Purposes

Determine the insurable value of assets to provide the basis for determining the insurance premium payable on the asset.

Our Team

Meet Our Team Members

Mr. Stephen Arthur

Head of Valuation